Our Services


Student Conselling

ACES Education counsellors are well-trained and experienced to lend support in helping students select the most suitable course/program, desired country and institutions.


Evolution and Selection

A comprehensive assessment of student’s qualifications is conducted to identify the appropriate course and institutions before starting the application process.


Application Process

The full suite of the application process and the relevant document process are highlighted below*


Accommodation Arrangements

Once you have confirmed your acceptance to the university, ACES Education will assist you with application for on/off-campus accommodation nearby to your college or university.


Scholarship Guidance

We advise and guide students with various local and overseas university and governmental bursary/scholarship applications where applicable.


Visa Application and Guidance

ACES Education assists the prospective students with the full visa applications process including lodging the visa form and going through the financial ability check.


Pre-departure Briefings

Detailed briefing on language and culture differences, assistance with flight arrangement, along with airport pick-up reception.


Airport sent off

ACES Education will be at the international departure terminals to assist students with the check-in process as well as brief them on the transit procedure overseas.


Airport Pick Up Arrangements in Overseas

ACES Education will liaise with the university to ensure they arrange for you to be picked up from the airport upon your arrival and sent to your accommodation accordingly.


ACES Education visits to students

We conduct follow up visits to students at their respective universities to obtain latest feedback and updates and check on their academic progress.

Upon identification of the desired course and universities,

  • We assist in the submission of the application forms, along with the required documents to the universities and colleges. Where relevant, credit transfer and/or exemptions are given due to consideration.

We assist in the arrangement of English proficiency tests

  • (For instance, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.)

Where relevant, we assist with

  • The scholarship application process and student loan application.

Following up with the respective institutions and students

  • To provide each party with the latest updates on the application process and outcome.