Our Story

This long journey.

“We are trying to give you the best services.”

Ms. Fiona, Founder of ACES Education (Education Specialist)

Who We Are

Education is the key to success. On a personal level, education is a valuable asset that empowers the individual and provides the skills needed to compete today’s global economy. On a collective level, education plays a vital role in bringing about positive social change. At ACES Education, our vision is to encourage and facilitate more students to achieve high-quality education as we see this as being critical for the long term development of Malaysia’s human capital and economic growth.

Incorporated in August 2018, ACES Education is an independent education consultancy company. We assist student across Malaysia to secure quality education in the choicest universities of the world. Build on more than ten years of field experience, we specialize in providing reliable and professional advice.

Many of our student and parents choose ACES Education by referrals and word-of-mouth; and they are assured of our genuine concern for the success of our students. We understand that studying in a different environment while adapting to a different culture could be a daunting experience for both the students and the parents alike; hence we try to assist with the adjustments as much as possible. We always maintain a close contact with each of our students to ensure their well-being white also keeping a keen eye on their academic progress.

We do not believe in offering a pre-packaged solution to our students, but we seek to understand each individual’s needs and adapt our services to them. Our individualized services are based on through research, experience, practiced and proven methods.

Currently, ACES Education partners with more than 30 approved international universities mainly in the UK, as well as Ireland, USA and New Zealand. In our quest to better serve students and parent in the years ahead, ACES Education continue to liaise with more international universities and targets to bring the list to over 50 partner universities in the coming year.

Our Visions and Missions

Our Vision

ACES Education aims to be one of the leading education advisors in Malaysia by creating a robust environment where every learner experiences success and has an opportunity to realize his or her potential. We believe that education, training, exposure and awareness can improve the quality of Malaysia’s future work force and we want to play a key role in that process.

Our Mission

  • To create direct network with top quality international education institutions to provide better options and access for aspiring students.
  • To offer balanced advice and counselling in the selection of courses and universities based on the students’ qualifications and interests; taking into account a keen understanding of their educational and career goals.
  • To assist parents and relevant sponsor in matching their budget and requirements against the students’ capabilities and chosen field of studies to make informed and wise career choices.
  • To facilitate access to higher education via seamless end-to-end advisory and enrolment services for students.
  • To create more quality students that have access to overseas exposure with the firm believe that this will enhance their knowledge to prepare for future employment.
  • To create greater public awareness of our partner institutions among prospective students and parents.

Our Philosophy

The four pillars of ACES Education, which form our guiding principles are Accountability, Commitment, Excellence and Sincerity.

We act with Accountability

The first pillar of our philosophy is acting with full accountability in the provision of our services and ensuring a high level of professionalism.

We do things with Commitment

We are motivated and we love what we do. We are guided by our principles and are fully committed to our vision and mission.

We strive for Excellence

Excellence is our benchmark. We pledge to render the best service of which we are capable of in order to be a success; and we know that success is always the result if conscientious and efficient effort.

We recognize the value of Sincerity

We understand that people is our core asset and deserves to be served with genuine concern and deep sincerity.