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“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” – Kofi Annan

ACES Education, Education is the key to success. ACES Education not only giving advice to the students but also choosing the best and suitable institutions for the students. On a personal level, education is a valuable asset that empowers the individual and provides the skills needed to compete in today’s global economy. On a collective level, education plays a vital role in bringing about positive social change. At ACES Education, our vision is to encourage and facilitate more students to achieve high-quality education as we see this as being critical for the long term positive social change. At ACES Education, our vision is to encourage and facilitate as we see this as being critical for the long term development of Malaysia’s human capital and economic growth.

  • We act with Accountability
  • We do things with Commitment
  • We strive for Excellence
  • We recognize the value of Sincerity


The full suite of the application process and the relevant documentation process are highlighted below:

  • Assist in the submission of the application forms along with the required documents to the universities and colleges.
  • Assist in the arrangement of English proficiency tests
  • Where relevant, we assist with the scholarship application process and student loan application
  • Following up with the respective institutions and students to provide each party with the latest updates on the application process and outcome


Take a look at their comments.


Muhammad Faizuddin Bin Faizul

BA (HONS) Architecture

University Of Portsmouth

“Hi, I’m Faizul Bin Mohd Farid and I would like to express my gratefulness of your dedicated services. It has been since August 2017 you started to look for a good college and a good university for my son, Muhammad Faizuddin. He got his foundation placement at INTO Manchester and finally, his degree at the University of Portsmouth. Honestly, it was a blessing to have you assist us, you helped us from A-Z, from morning to dawn. You have been very detailed in guiding us in every aspect and even to introduce my son with some of your current students at the university so that he has a friend when he arrives at Portsmouth. I truly appreciate your help, Fiona!”


Atiqah Munawarah Binti Abdull Salam

BA (HONS) Early Years

University of Greenwich

“I found Ms. Fiona from ACES Education in education fair. ACES Education is absolutely very helpful were they guided and assisted me from choosing a course, recommending a good university which is strong in my course area, book my on-campus accommodation, fully handle my Visa application without any hassle and book my flight for me to London. I was having little time for preparing all the documents and Ms. Fiona make my entire process so easy and stress-free which I never expected that due to the short time, I can still relax and just need to pack my bag. I will definitely recommend ACES Education to my friends and relative who wish to further studies aboard.”


Sidney James Jong Ming Kai

Int’l Foundation Year in Business, Social Sciences & Humanities

Univeristy of Sheffield International College (USIC)

“Ms. Fiona successfully handled the intake of both my children to further their tertiary education at separate universities in the United Kingdom. She is hands-on and provided through and first-class comprehensive service. She provided exceptional personal service each and every step of the way, from the pre-application stage until both my children arrived and settled in at their respective universities in the UK. She went the extra mile to expedite and facilitate a smooth transition which included pre-departure orientation, professional guidance, advice, Visa Application and arrangement of on-campus accommodation. She proactively and constantly followed up and regularly kept us informed of progress at every step, with a close eye on details. All in all, if one is looking for a highly reliable and personal service to transition to education overseas. Ms. Fiona Khoo of ACES Education Management Services is highly recommended.”

boy (1)

Ng Yi Jing

University Foundation Programme

CATS Canterbury

“I would like to express my appreciation to your professional work, quality support and guidance enabling us to make an informed and confident decision about the right college for our son, Yi Jing. I am extremely grateful for your interest, support, the professional way and expertise guiding us throughout the whole process from selecting a college, college application accommodation arrangement, Visa application until departure to the UK. Thank you again for being so supportive and helpful.”

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